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Sep 10,2021

A Football Loving Nation

On September 4th in the city of Talca, Chile, fans across the nation watched as GAC MOTOR transports the Copa Chile trophy to the final match of the national football tournament.

The gleaming silver trophy was personally couriered to the stadium in Talca in a GS4 by the president of Chilean professional football league, Yamal Rajab.

"We are very excited about this moment, and we have been waiting for it since the Cup began,” said Nicolás Piracés, the general manager of GAC MOTOR in Chile. “Soccer is a passion of all Chileans, and we are happy that GAC MOTOR is part of this sport, which unites all Chileans."

Football is an adored national pastime in Chile, with over 70% of the population identifying as a fan of the game. GAC MOTOR’s sponsorship deal of the tournament, topped off with this weekend’s events, brings immense brand visibility and goes a long way to cementing GAC MOTOR’s presence in the successful Chilean market.

In the past two months, 31 teams have fought fiercely for the championship. On September 4, under the attention of millions, after a competitive 90-minute contest between Colo Colo and Everton, Colo Colo won the 2021 Chile Cup with a score of 2:0.

63 Years of History

The Copa Chile, or Chilean Cup, is organized by the National Professional Soccer Association of Chile (ANFP) and is one of the most representative and important national-level tournaments. The history of the Copa Chile stretches back to 1958, 63 years ago. This year’s tournament marks the landmark 40th Cup.

The challenging conditions of last year’s pandemic meant that the 2020 tournament was cancelled. Football fans in Chile have been waiting twice the time for this year’s games, and the final is a hotly anticipated one.

GS4 | A Best-Selling Car, A Strong Brand Image

The GS4 is one of GAC MOTOR’s best-performing models in Chile.

A bright, powerful coupe boasting powerful GAC MOTOR technology and the smooth lines of GAC R&D Centers across the globe, the GS4 has become an adored family vehicle for many in Chile since it became available for sale just last year.

Fans watching the game live at the stadium or at home saw the trophy approaching in a GS4 adorned with the Copa Chile logo. The stadium was also supplied with GAC MOTOR branded water bottles.

Even in times of difficulty, national tournaments bring us all together and remind us what life is really about: spending time together, moving forward, and focusing on our passions.

This is why cars and sports go so well together – just as our favorite teams give us and our friends joy when they win with speed and skill, so driving a perfectly crafted car with our loved ones in the passenger seat is a joyful experience.

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