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Technological Innovation

At GAC R&D CENTER, we aim to make breakthroughs in the following four aspects and would invest more in technological innovation. We empower product development through technological development and sharpen the competitiveness of future products through the mastery of original technologies, key and basic technologies, and core technologies based on technical research.

Going Scenario-Based

We embrace the Internet era and accurately identify customer needs by building a forward development process based on the analysis of users’ needs in different scenarios. Besides, we emphasize the aesthetics and craftsmanship of our products, and constantly try to improve user experience through a design that features immersive interaction.

Going Electric (Towards a Low Carbon Future)

With the focus on the core technologies of electric vehicles: battery, motor, and electronic control, we aim to make key breakthroughs in power battery, electromechanical coupling, integrated electric drive, domain controller, efficient heat management, high power charging and other technologies. Besides, we should also make a foray into the development of the integration technology of fuel cell vehicles, become a frontrunner in the growing automotive industry and enable self-owned brand to gain a competitive edge by adopting the ICV technologies. In addition, relevant basic research on carbon neutrality will be carried out to reduce carbon footprint.

Going Intelligent

By making breakthroughs in intelligent driving, scene-based interaction, and big data analysis and application technologies based on the electrical/electronic architecture, we aim to create a GAC ICV ecosystem, and become an industry leader in the development of ICV technologies.

Going Digital

By adopting cloud computing, big data, virtual simulation and other technologies, we are able to push ahead with the digitization of product development and R&D business in an all-round way, so as to provide users with smart products and services that are digital and deliver a superior experience.

  • GPMA
  • GEP2.0
  • Mega Wave Power
  • ADiGO
  • GAC Graphene Technology
  • GAC Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

GPMA (GAC Global Platform Modular Architecture) is a modular platform architecture developed by GAC group for major global automotive markets, covering (sedan) cars, SUV, MPV, including hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles. GPMA architecture includes R platform and L platform.

After four years of development, GEP(GAC fully electric platform)has entered the 2.0 era, and has launched Aion S, Aion LX, Aion V and other series of models, which are well received by the market.

GAC autonomous powertrain technology:Based on the platform and modularization, GAC powertrain R & D team has established a high-quality and efficient independent R & D capability and forward development system. It has made great achievements in engine gasoline engine combustion control technology and variable electro-hydraulic control system, providing excellent powertrain products for domestic and international markets.

ADiGO Ecosystem 3.0 is upgraded, which integrates advanced technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence to bring users a continuously improved and better product experience.

GAC group has been researching graphene since 2014, and has successfully mastered the technology of low-cost macro preparation of three-dimensional graphene, and has applied graphene materials in many fields, such as fast charging lithium-ion battery, super capacitor, lithium sulfur battery and lightweight body material.

Aion LX Fuel Cell is GAC's first hydrogen fuel cell passenger car for small batch demonstration operation and forward development based on product process. Developed with GAC GEP2.0 platform, Aion LX fuel cell independently designs and develops fuel cell system and on-board hydrogen storage system on the basis of retaining large space, ultra-low wind resistance and ultra-high-tech configuration of the original vehicle, with a maximum output power of more than 150kW, The endurance mileage of NEDC is more than 650km, and it only takes 3-5 minutes for one hydrogenation.

Concept Cars
  • TIME
  • ENO.146
  • MOCA

Flagship smart electric coupe concept

The TIME carries on with the aero-friendly technology of the concept car ENO.146, the world’s Cd value record setter. Its streamlined silhouette and waterdrop shape reduces the drag 0.191. This is GAC’s whole new EV design language – TEARDROP ON THE BLADE, which capitalizes on chemical reactions between curvature and straightness, hardness and softness. We employ art and technology means to expound on the four key elements of our interior design philosophy - intelligence, mobility, rounds and squares. Our interior space is in fact a mobile living room where technology is within reach and art is within view.


New experience of intelligent interconnection

Enlight integrates pure electric power system and unmanned driving technology, which reflects GAC's development direction in the future in terms of electrification, intelligence and networking. It indicates that the interior design of the car can be combined with the concept of "humanized interior design" and "human culture" can be integrated into the interior design.


Combination of virtual and reality

The everge concept car is a brand-new exploration of GAC in the field of cross-border electric vehicles. As the first compact new energy concept SUV designed for the characteristics of the North American market under GAC, everge carries the core technical achievements in the field of new energy with pioneer design language to show the unique charm of new energy vehicles and create a new entertainment driving experience that meets the needs of young people.


All-electric hardtop convertible,fulfill your wildest desire

Thanks to its low-slung, extreme stance, the car looks like a wild beast with firm grips on the ground. The BLADE LINE on the side body exudes a strong sense of sportiness and tension. The WIND SPLITTER front end is mounted with LASER ARC LIGHTS. This design enables the vehicle to work more effectively against the forces of aerodynamic nature making it more energy efficient. The ENPULSE adopted a new electroluminescent paint, so the body can glow in darkness. The employment of new technologies adds extra wow factors to the sports car dream. We added TRACK mode. Thanks to the latest AR-HUD display technology, the driver will gain an immersive racing game-like experience. You can search those nearby ENPULSE drivers and invite him/her for a virtual race.


New record of low wind resistance in the world

After more than 200 times of advanced aerodynamic computer simulation technology, through the world-class engineering development methods and design means, eno.146 has reached the ultimate wind resistance coefficient of CD 0.146.Eno.146 is not only an advanced engineering prototype vehicle, but also a pioneer design art work. The designer abandoned the familiar streamline modeling, drew inspiration from modern architecture and digital art, and created "vector kinetic energy" modeling language. The interior inspiration of eno.146 is derived from the typical scene of "three generations in one house, two children family" in China. It breaks the traditional seat mode and creates a 6-seat innovative layout of 2 + 1 + 2 + 1.


Hard core electric concept car running on California Highway

Entranze was inspired by a road trip by designers. Aiming at the time spent with family and friends as the target scene, entranze perfectly integrates the 7-seat MPV and SUV, with both practicality and cool appearance. Bullet shaped exterior design and sharp skeleton, with transparent glass side sliding door and panoramic skylight, let us see a new species with a new proportion.


With its modularization and personalization, the Moca redefines cars

GAC Design adopts a productized approach to future mobile experience. We create a brand new “1+1” vehicle ecosystem. We also build an innovative hardware platform with a new powertrain system to give users freedom for customization as much as possible. The software platform, based on GAC’s onboard ADiGO, provides various hardware and software choices for users to customize their mobile scenarios.

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