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GAC Owner's Story
GAC Owner's Story

Have you ever considered the question? What are the frontiers of humanity? Is it distance, space, or the crusade into the unknown? Actually, these are not the major barriers in preventing humanity from exploring. How does one travel to faraway places, how to shorten the trip? We need a vehicle that can solve all sorts of problems on the road. We need a vehicle that can take us from the city to the wilderness, from the desert to the sea; a vehicle that is extremely versatile and can adapt to multiple road conditions, allowing us to explore further and further away.

Superior Off-road Performance - GS8

In your mind, what should a professor of physics be like? Rigid, stubborn and strict? Is he wearing a suit and a pair of meticulously polished leather shoes? Or perhaps there is another side of him where he loves exploration and adventures. He drives across the desert, with only low shrubs on the sides of the road. Through the window, the biting cold wind blows across his face. He chooses to traverse through desert that is 49℃, with sand billowing around him. He goes through sharp cliffs and hills, just to experience adrenaline. GAC MOTOR SUV series GS8 will accompany him across these deserts and to overcome great heights.

GAC MOTOR 320T engine
Brand-new flying dynamics front grille
A spacious interior allows for 7 seats arranged in 3 rows

GS8 is comfortable, trendy, and most importantly, fuel efficient. It is an industrious car model as it can travel up to 740 kilometers on a full tank!

Superb Comfortable Interior Design - GN8

This is a story of a guesthouse owner and his car. Located on the rugged coast of Russia, the guesthouse overlooks the misty calm sea. The owner prepares the rooms every morning - he cleans the dust from the corner of the rooms, irons out the wrinkles on the sheets and places pink roses and personalized blessing cards on top. He greets guests from all over the world. He hopes that everyone who comes here can enjoy every moment. For the guesthouse owner located along the Baltic Sea, the role of a travel-friendly vehicle that is complimentary to his hotel style becomes very important. The large luxury GN8 is undoubtedly the most ideal model for him to meet and welcome his guests.

Comprehensive 6 safety air bags + air curtain
Serene and tranquil space like in the forest
360° Panoramic parking system

Ensuring every voyage is impeccable and luxurious. The guesthouse owner smiled and said, “This is an ideal car that meets my business needs.”

Superior Comfort - All New GA8

How do the professionals in the city find themselves? This is the question that every urbanite will contemplate whilst living under a high-pressure, fast speed and dynamic work environment. Once the busy day is over, what people need most is the quiet and privacy of the after-work commute. A financial trader shares his story with the All New GA8.

A concise exterior, classical but modern
2900mm super wheelbase, a luxurious leather interior
Zero gravity ergonomic seat

The interior space of All New GA8 is very quiet and comfortable, allowing you to perfectly enjoy the commute.

Best Choice for Family - GS5

When it comes to a family, a vehicle is not only the carrier of memories, but also a constant companion. The Star Model GS5 Series of GAC MOTOR accompanies countless families in their leisurely pursuits. So this family choosing the GS5 also has a beautiful story to share with you. The father takes his wife and children for a vacation every week. Whether it's a trip to the mountain, to camping, or to the river or the ocean, he needs a vehicle that makes the trip smoother. GS5 has a large panoramic skylight with an area of 0.34 square meters. This means the beautiful scenery can be enjoyed. The spacious car also provides more room for the children to move and play unrestrictedly.

Expansive cabin
10.1-inch central control HD touchscreen
12.3-inch full-LCD dashboard

For every moment on the road, its five-star safety performance is the perfect escort for the whole family. GS5 is not just a vehicle, but also a member of the family - one that is full of love and provides companion for everyone.

Eco-friendly Travel - GE3

In the era of environmental awareness, the importance of green travel is a priority for every car owner. But it is not so easy to balance ‘green travel’ and environmental protection in life. A GE3 car owner tells the story of his ‘close contact’ with nature. The design of GE3 adopts a triangular element composition, which is not only beautiful but also enhances the dynamic performance of the vehicle. Combined with Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) and advanced ternary lithium battery, their driving mileage becomes longer. With an 8-inch color LCD touch screen display and a 3.5-inch dashboard, the entertainment onboard becomes more engaging.

A larger comfortable space
Reach a longer range
Active/passive safety system for around-the-clock protection

For people who has a passion for life and nature, they surely cherish every inch of green soil and vegetation on earth. GE3 brings you closer to nature.

Intelligent and Trendy Lifestyle - GS3

Your child is about to graduate. What will you gift her? A mother presented a GAC MOTOR SUV series GS3 to her daughter who was about to graduate from college as her birthday gift. On graduation day, the moment the girl walked out of school, the surprise prepared by the mother for her daughter was waiting for her.

Stylish appearance
Electronic parking brake (EPB) auto hold
Six safety airbags to protect passengers form all sides

With a fashionable and dazzling appearance, superior handling performance and advanced in-car navigation and entertainment system, GAC MOTOR does not disappoint.

For different series of GAC vehicles, each owner has a unique story. The purpose of GAC series vehicles is not just simply driving, but also a different spiritual experience. It is like a mentor, a haven, a companion, and a spark to passion. It is a gift but also a significant memory. For your expedition, please enjoy the wonderful experience of the journey and driving with the GAC MOTOR.

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