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May 05,2023


Nowadays, we are traveling further, faster, and more frequently than ever. Diverse information continues to inspire new possibilities. In the future, every moment will be full of change. Our life will be surrounded by digital and Al technology. Therefore, vehicles should develop and progress with user needs.


In the future, more possibilities will be explored. Our life will be featured with mobility, change, and diversity. You are invited to: review the current travel eco-system; reflect on the future relationship among people, nature, and technology from the perspective of "a mobile future"; develop a set of mobility solutions suitable for future travel scenarios and user needs.


The 2023 GAC Design Award takes place in three regions: Asia, Europe, and North America. You will have the opportunity to come to GAC Design Center in Guangzhou, China, GAC Advanced Design Milan in Italy, or GAC Advanced Design Los Angeles in USA. and receive comments from design directors. Please submit your work according to the region of your participation.


Topic Release for Initial Audition2023.04
Submission Deadline2023.06.12
Initial Audition Selection & Result Release2023.06
Short-listed contestants enter GAC for training2023.07


1.The GAC Design Award is open to students. Only individual application is accepted.
2.If any false information is found, the organizing committee will have the right to disqualify the participant and pursue the corresponding legal responsibility. For more information, please follow our WeChat Official Account “GAC R&D CENTER” “GACdesign”, Weibo Account “@GACdesign”, Instagram Account "GAC Design", Facebook Account "gacdesign".


1.Your design layout will be the main source of our evaluation and your self-introduction video will also be considered as a reference.
2.Your submission will be comprehensively evaluated based on the following criteria: topic response, creativity, reasonability, completeness, etc.
3.We expect you to fully show your design potential and ideas by “researching, finding problems, organizing ideas, and completing the proposal”.
4.You are encouraged to use Al as a tool during the design process. However, 100% Al-generated content is not accepted. Once found, the organizing committee has the right to disqualify the participant.


1.Design Layout  
Format: Submit two A3 JPG files in landscape format (minimum resolution:300 DPI), smaller than 10M.  
Content: Present your design inspiration, the conceiving process of your design proposal,and the final version of your design proposal (the proposal can include but not limit to front 45-degree view, rear 45-degree view, side view, sketches, renderings, and digital modeling).  
2.Self-Introduction Video  
Format: Submit a 1-minute video clip in MP4 (800*480) smaller than 50MB.  
Content: Present your talents and skills, hobbies, design concepts, or any other information you find necessary for our better understanding of you.


ChampionChampion Award: CNY50,000
Runner-upRunner-up Award: CNY30,000
Second Runner-upSecond Runner-up Award: CNY20,000
Merit AwardMerit Award: CNY10,000

1.Winners of the above awards will receive the official certificates and trophies of the GAC Design Award, as well as internship opportunities in the GAC Design.
2.Winners of the Champion Award, Runner-up Award, and Second Runner-up Award will have their works produced into scale models and be hired on a priority basis.
3.shortlisted contestants and their instructors will receive the certificates of the GAC
Design Award.


1.The intellectual properties and rights of use of all the selected works are owned by GAC.
2.GAC reserves the right not to present an award if no winner is selected.
3.GAC reserves the right of final interpretation on any rule, information and result of the GAC Design Award.
4.If you have any question about the sign-up or other information of GAC Design Award please contact us at:


GAC Design Award Email:  
Your email title should include: Participation Region  
(Asia/Europe/America) + Proposal Title + Major & College Year + Contact Details

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