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Nov 20,2021

November 19, 2021 saw the start of the 19th Auto Guangzhou, the city's biggest annual international car show. GAC Group, along with its associated brands GAC MOTOR and GAC Aion, had a strong presence at the event, with many models on display and many chances to share their plans for the future with press and audiences.

GLASS | The GAC Green Development Plan

Part of the GAC vision for the future is the GLASS green development plan.

In line with the new era of Chinese development, which focuses on sustainability and green energy, GAC Group is committed to making its whole product lifecycle carbon neutral by 2050 (2045 if possible).

In the nearer future, plans are in place to complete GAC Aion's first zero carbon plant in 2023. By 2030, GAC Group has set a target of 50% of total sales coming from new energy vehicles.

Shifting towards a greener future doesn't just mean creating new energy vehicles, however. GAC Group also recognizes the need for strong EV infrastructure, to make the global transition to greener travel as frictionless as possible.

The show also saw GAC Group reveal their  "2⁶ Energy Action" plan, a framework which outlines 6 different ways that GAC's electric vehicle batteries will be optimized for maximum energy output and energy flexibility: batteries can be bought and rented; charged and swapped; slow or fast charging; large or small capacity; long or short range; grid-to-vehicle charging or vehicle-to-grid charging; and recycled or passed on.

Along with GAC's in-house development of super-fast charging technology and power exchange technology, the future is bright for GAC's green energy plans.

Auto Guangzhou Exclusives: 2 New Concept Cars, Aion LX Plus

This year's Auto Guangzhou also saw the unveiling of two new concept cars by GAC Group: the electric concept sedan TIME and the sleek, futuristic EMKOO.

The TIME builds on the aerodynamic design utilized in the ENO.146, creating a sleek, luxurious and dynamic shape with wind resistance coefficient as low as 0.191.

The cutting-edge EMKOO concept car has a low front and high rear body posture, and represents a more refined side of the trend for electrification. Its design has a strong sense of the future, and will guide the designs of a series of upcoming GAC Group models.

In a further demonstration of the world-leading new energy capacity of GAC Group, the Aion LX Plus was also unveiled at the 2021 Auto Guangzhou - one of the world's first EV SUVs to deliver an NEDC range of over 1000km.

Looking always to the future, GAC strives to change and improve on what has come before - changing technologies, changing energies, and changing vehicles, with the mission of creating a better mobile life for the world's drivers.

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