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Apr 30,2021

It has been an incredible year for GAC MOTOR, and a bright future lies ahead. On the wings of a successful year building international offices and making technological advances, the company has a full “To Do List” for its next brand development stage!

GAC MOTOR’s mission is the creation of value. Value is created by producing attractive, advanced cars which fully satisfy current consumer needs, but whose quality will also stand the test of time.

Even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, GAC MOTOR has had great success in expanding its global business. By the end of 2020, it saw a rise in overseas year-to-year terminal sales of 18%. GAC MOTOR also opened a total of 69 showrooms worldwide in locations such as diverse as Jordan, Chile, and Saudi Arabia.

At this year’s annual GAC Tech day, technology breakthroughs were shared, including new sponge silicon technology that makes car batteries smaller, lighter and more powerful. Part of the company’s “Neutron Star” power ambitions; superfast charging capacities which reduce electric “tank refills” to less than 20 minutes; and many advances in chassis DNA technology. These research-powered automobile products are representatives of a new era of world-leading Chinese craftsmanship. At GAC MOTOR, tech research and craftsmanship are inextricably intertwined: technological innovation gives vehicle designers exciting new tools to create custom vehicles, and exciting vehicle design ideas give researchers new and interesting directions.

Extensive independent research carried out through the GAC R&D Center allows vehicles to be designed according to the most current industry advances and consumer trends. The Center, which utilizes billions of yuan in funding, is responsible for the development of cutting-edge, in-house automobile technology that makes GAC MOTOR vehicles more efficient, easier to use, and more internationally competitive.

Morever, at the Auto Shanghai 2021 earlier this month, General Manager Feng Xingya gathered attendees and shared topics from vehicle electrification to green technology innovation as well as the release of new models and deep cultivation of overseas markets.

In this vein, starting April 27th, GAC MOTOR invites fans to enter an exciting social media competition: “What’s on your To Do List?” on GAC MOTOR social media platforms by creating a video of the dream-accomplishing journey for a chance to win amazing prizes.

GAC MOTOR has always encouraged people to chase their dreams, be brave and shape the world to the way they want it to be. The company is full of anticipation for more achievements in 2021 and the future. Stay tuned for the coming release of an all new GAC MOTOR brand slogan and set of core values on May 13.

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