Shaking up the Middle East! GAC MOTOR Launches Three Flagship Models into the Kuwait Market

On November 17, GAC MOTOR held a grand launch event for its three new blockbusters, GS5, GN6, and the All New GA8, in Shuweikh, Kuwait, which showcases their extraordinary quality and elegance. This splendid event was attended by Senior members of the Chinese Enterprises Association in Kuwait, the Distributor’s management team of GAC MOTOR in Kuwait, VIPs and senior banking and insurance practitioners, and attracted the attention of many local mainstream media in Kuwait. The successful launching of these three new models will build greater brand awareness of GAC MOTOR globally.

(GAC MOTOR held a grand launch event for its three new blockbusters, GS5, GN6, and the All New GA8 in Kuwait)

On this magnificent occasion, GAC MOTOR demonstrates the journey and results of its six-year investment and localization plan for the Kuwait Market and its fulfilling partnership with Mutawa Alkazi Company, Kuwait’s largest Chinese Cars Distributor. The spectacular unveiling. Of the GS5, GN6, all new GA8 took place in a warm atmosphere. The dashing appearance of all three GAC vehicles are highly regarded around the World for its world-class quality and design, which has led to numerous likes on various social media sites.

The three blockbusters, each with their own merits, fulfilling the diversified needs of Kuwaiti users

The three new models introduced into Kuwait are indeed the blockbusters of GAC MOTOR, which embodies the latest R&D achievement and the superior global resources of GAC MOTOR.

Kuwait is hot and dry all year round, with over 80℃ of road temperature in summers and frequent sandstorms. The harsh driving environment results in customers’ strict requirements on the heat and dust-resistant configuration and vehicles’ safety performance. In response to this, GS5 is equipped with an internationally advanced new bi-zone air conditioner, jointly developed by GS5 and DENSO, the world’s top air-conditioning system provider, featured with fast cooling, low noise, and uniform outlet air temperature, which keeps the interior temperature suitable for both driver and passengers; GS5 integrates several leading active protection technologies, ensures comprehensive and all-weather protection in both static and dynamic manners, including prevention, avoidance, and safety, and will confidently meet the demands of local customers.

In the MPV segment, the interior layout is always a significant indicator to consider. As a competitive MPV designed for Kuwaiti families, GN6 has a width of 1837mm and a super-long wheelbase of 2810mm, which can easily accommodate the whole family members, and guarantee that each family member has sufficient space. It also has a 1100L magic luggage space, housing the entire family’s carry-on luggage, making itself suitable for family travel.

All New GA8 embodies the sense of luxury and quality in its appearance, its elaborative jewelry design, including crystal electronic shift lever and diamond cutting central adjusting knob, effectively rendering the interior decoration more sophisticated and showing a better taste. The top materials highlight the craftmanship of GAC MOTOR that are perceivable from details, which also represents the owner’s taste and values. The premium all new GA8 gives consumers a new luxury driving experience that is exclusive as a luxury flagship and the key to attracting local users.

The launching of these three new models into Kuwait depicts Kuwait’s critical position and the Middle East markets in the overseas strategy of GAC MOTOR and lays a solid foundation for the further expansion and deep cultivation in the Middle East market.

Deeply cultivating the Middle East market, continuously building a world class car brand

This launching event marks an important milestone for GAC MOTOR in the Middle East, where it has made considerable achievements so far. To date, GAC MOTOR has entered nine Middle East markets, including Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Lebanon, and has successfully established its presence in 26 countries and regions. GAC MOTOR has been expanding fast in the global market, gaining extensive attention from its customers.

Looking into the future, GAC MOTOR will continue to follow the dual-track development plan of global coverage whilst building a ‘world-class brand and global enterprise’. Its overall goal is to build an internationally influential Chinese brand image, and consistently provide the global consumers with an exciting and enriching life of mobility.