Media from The Middle East Visit GAC MOTOR To Experience Smart Manufacturing

GUANGZHOU, China, April 12, 2019 -- Mainstream media from the Middle East have visited the leading Chinese automaker GAC MOTOR's (“the Company”) headquarter in Guangzhou, China. The Middle East is the first overseas market that GAC MOTOR has explored. To date, the Company has entered eight countries in the region, become the best-selling Chinese auto brand in Kuwait and Bahrain, and established a high-end automobile brand image.

Pic One: Mainstream Media from the Middle East at GAC MOTOR's Factory

Mainstream media from the Middle East have visited GAC MOTOR's Factory, GAC R&D Center, GAC NE Center, GAC Pavilion,GAC Sales and Service Center, and directly gained insights from experiencing the cutting-edge and innovative technologies as wellas strict quality management system. Seeing the fullpicture of the Company’s highlighting achievements on smart manufacturing in terms of research,design, production, marketing and sales, they highly recognized the Company’s capabilities in independent research, design and manufacture. The group also participated in the roundtable with GAC's senior executives during the visit.

Jorge Bialade, a reporter and the General Manager of, commented that visiting GAC MOTOR facilities in Guangzhou helped him to learn about the brandand its true potential, which changed his perception of the brand in a positive way.

“We at YallaMotor were lucky enough to visit GAC MOTOR's factories, R&D center,showrooms and service centers which allowed us to assess the high tech they areusing and the quality of their products. Most importantly, we learned about their ambitious plans for the future in terms of new models, electrification and autonomous driving,” noted Bialade.

“Last but not the least, we got to know their people, from their president to directors to front-line workers. We saw how they all work inperfect synergy towards building and developing a great automotive brand. We warmly welcome GAC MOTOR and their people to the Middle East.”

The group also took rideson GAC MOTOR’sall-star car models, including the SUV GS8 and the MPV GN8,and spoke highly of the product quality as well as the brand's persistence in pushing forward their internationalization process on afirm footing.

“I was impressed at how huge GAC Group is, and at the extent of its joint ventures with the biggest automotive brands. GAC MOTOR has a promising future, and I'm optimistic about GAC entering the Middle East market,” noted Hatem Saleh Alkhathlan,a reporter at Saudi Shift Magazine.

Pic Two:Yu Jun, President of GAC MOTOR, at Media Roundtable

At the media round table, GAC MOTOR's senior executives had good conversations with mainstream media from the Middle East. Yu Jun, President of GAC MOTOR,answered media's questions about GAC MOTOR's products, R&D and design,marketing plans in the Middle East, overseas branding strategies, the Company’sbusiness philosophy, etc.  

“China has lots of economic and trade exchange with Middle Eastern countries; we are reinforcing the GAC MOTOR brand in the region to raise market awareness and strengthen our competitiveness with innovative designs and high product quality,” noted Yu Jun, President of GAC MOTOR.

Pic Three:Middle East Media Group Visiting GAC MOTOR Group Photo

GAC MOTOR has partnered with Saudi's Aljomaih Automotive Company, one of the largest autodealers in the region, to promote GAC MOTOR's products. Earlier this year, GAC MOTOR successfully gained the recognition and built the brand awareness in the SaudiArabia market after launching four independent showrooms there.

And through strategic cooperation with the renowned UAE's Gargash Group, GAC MOTOR's salesand service center in Dubai are now in full operation.

GAC MOTOR will officially release its star models, the GS3 SUV and GA4 sedan, in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar, followed by UAE and Bahrain in May 2019. Later in November, GAC MOTOR will return to the Dubai International Motor Show (theShow), which is the second time that GAC MOTOR participates in the Show.