GAC MOTOR’s Wetland Ambassadors Protect Water and Wildlife in Hol Xil Company is committed to pursuing green manufacturing strategy

GAC MOTOR, China’s leading automobile manufacturer, has organized a second trip to Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve (SNNR) as part of its ongoing wetland ambassador program (“the Program”). A team of 25 wetland ambassadors reached deep into the Hol Xil region to conduct a biodiversity survey of plateau species and continued to help the ecological protection construction of Sanjiangyuan National Park.


(GAC MOTOR GS8 array drived towards the Sonam Dargye protection station)

GAC MOTOR has been providing supplies and support to the SNNR since the Program was launched in 2017. In July, the first team of ambassadors delivered 20 GS8 SUVs to aid SNNR’s daily operations. On this latest visit, the ambassadors donated supplies to the Sonam Dargye protection station in Hol Xil. This is the fifth trip to SNNR since this program has been launched.

On the morning of August 30th, volunteers came to the Qinghai Hoh Xil National Nature Reserve Administration for study and exchange. Later, they visited the Qinghai Salt Lake Museum to gain an in-depth understanding of the ecological status of the Hoh Xil Reserve and the characteristics of the reserve. Various forms of ecological protection actions such as on-the-spot exploration, delivery of materials, observation of Tibetan antelope, and water intake at the source are launched according to the characters of nature reserve. On August 31, the GAC MOTOR’s Wetland Ambassadors came to the Sonam Dargye protection station and donated mountain patrol equipment including tents, patrol costumes, winches and other patrol equipment to help them better work and improve work efficiency.

(GAC MOTOR donated material to the Sonam Dargye protection station)

As the general manager of GAC MOTOR Yu Jun said, as a Chinese automobile brand with a high sense of national pride and mission, GAC MOTOR actively responded and supported the construction of Sanjiangyuan National Park to make a great effort to build a national ecological security barrier. By organizing this event, GAC MOTOR led volunteers to go to Hoh Xil, where they realized the local fragile ecological environment and precious natural resources, which inspired the volunteers to have a stronger sense of mission and responsibility.

The Tibetan antelopeinthe Hol Xil

GAC MOTOR’s green strategy is also reflected in every aspect of the company’s day-to-day operation.GAC MOTOR applies green and sustainable technologies in all links of production. GAC MOTOR has built a world-class ecological factory and vehicle manufacturing system featuring green, energy-saving and environmental protection, and successfully built a typical model of all-round and balanced development of Chinese brands. By adopting environmentally-friendly materials, GAC MOTOR eliminates harmful substances and dusts in the factory emissions to reduce atmospheric pollutions. In order to reduce the impact of noise on the environment and human body, the company uses the fully closed noise reduction and dust prevention production line, becoming the first Chinese brand to win the C-ECAP China eco-car evaluation gold medal.

“Being a socially responsible automaker, GAC MOTOR is committed to undertake social responsibilities and participate in social welfare projects to create an enjoyable life of mobility for customers.