GAC MOTOR Pursues Top Talent In Europe In Preparation for Global Expansion

GAC MOTOR, China's fastest-growing auto brand, has successfully concluded its first talent recruitment drive in Europe, hosting three career fairs in Stuttgart, Munich, and Paris that have attracted over 700 applicants from across Europe as the company prepares to expand into more markets around the world.


(GAC recruits top talent worldwide in preparation for global expansion)

GAC MOTOR offers high-end positions available in the areas of vehicle engineering, process and technology, management and marketing. The 700 applicants who attended the recruitment events came from countries across Europe, including Germany, France, the U.K., Spain, Italy, and Belgium, with over 80 percent holding master's degrees, and many being veterans and experts in their respective fields.


(Three career fairs in Stuttgart, Munich and Paris attracted over 700 applicants from across Europe)

The events also drew representatives from governments, industry, and institutes of higher education who gathered to discuss the development and future of new energy and intelligent manufacturing (IM) in the automotive industry.

"GAC MOTOR is expanding fast, and we're excited at the opportunities that we see for further growth in Europe," said the senior executive of GAC MOTOR responsible for this recruitment drive. "The GAC MOTOR brand is already present in 14 countries, and sales have increased by 22.7 percent in the first quarter of 2018. We are only able to achieve such remarkable results because of the excellent work of all of our employees. We believe that we will only be able to compete globally if we have a top-flight, global team, and after the U.S. and Japan, Europe represents the biggest pool of overseas talent."


(Many applicants mentioned and spoke in praise of GAC MOTOR’s signature model GS8 SUV)

Not satisfied with just assembling a global team of top industry talent to advance its product development, manufacturing, branding and marketing capabilities, GAC MOTOR is emphasizing the training and personal development of its employees by offering competitive compensation packages and giving employees the opportunity to participate in on- and off-the-job training to enhance their skills. The company will encourage and support them in developing new ideas, enabling the company to grow along with them. 

Yu Jun, president of GAC MOTOR, has commented that talent and innovation are the No.1 forces driving the company's development. GAC MOTOR will stick to the people-oriented management principle and expand the global talent search to improve the comprehensive strength of the company's world-leading team.

GAC MOTOR is moving towards its plan to further expand into global markets by its 10th anniversary. On July 21st, the company will announce the global launch of its new branding concept. Later this year, GAC MOTOR will participate in the Paris Motor Show and the Moscow International Auto Show, showing to the world the charm and capabilities of the Chinese automotive industry.