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The 2022 Macau Auto Show GAC Group Takes Electric Cars to Greener Expo

Nov 17,2022

2022 marks GAC MOTOR's 12th consecutive year in attendance at the China (Macau) International Automobile Exposition.

The theme of this year's Expo is "Green Macau" , reflecting an emphasis on new energy fuels, reduced emission models and electrification.

GAC Group brought eight models to the show, including its AION LX Plus, AION V Plus, AION S Plus, AION Y Plus, as well as the All New GS8 Hybrid, Emkoo, M8 Master Edition, and the Empow Galaxy Fighter Edition.This marks the highest proportion of new energy models brought for display by GAC in recent years. GAC MOTOR General Manager Zeng He Bin was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

GAC Group also held a special new energy vehicle technical seminar, which was attended by key leaders, including the Deputy Director of the Macau Transport Bureau Mr. Li Ying Kang and others. The seminar involved an in-depth discussion of various aspects of GAC's planning in the field of new energy, the technical features of the GAC AION line-up as well as vehicle safety design and emergency rescue.

As the main show car, the "thousand-mile pure electric flagship" AION LX Plus, can achieve 2.9s supercar-level acceleration performance, delivering a supercar-like driving experience. The implementation of GAC's exclusive in-house sponge silicon negative chip battery technology provides a 1008km CLTC comprehensive working range, allowing electric vehicles to enter an era of "monthly charging".

The M8 Master Edition, which was officially launched in China recently, also made a dominant appearance, showcasing the powerful strength of GAC's independent brand.

Macau: A Key Market

Macao is an important market for GAC as a global brand.

Macau holds a privileged position as an international hub and stabilizing base for the Southeast Asian market, and also provides a springboard for further opportunities within the Portuguese-speaking world.

GAC Group's first showroom here, opened in 2021, displays several of the Group's most successful new-energy models, including the Aion Y, Aion V, Aion LX and M8 Master.

GAC MOTOR General Manager Zeng He Bin said, in the future, GAC MOTOR will fully utilize Macau's position as a gate and platform, and add to GAC Group's high-quality development. Meanwhile, based on Macau's market demand, we will also introduce more models to continuously empower Macau to achieve a low-carbon, green and sustainable development.

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