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May 13,2021

It’s Launch Day for the New GAC MOTOR Slogan and Brand Values

Today marks the release date of GAC MOTOR’s all-new slogan, and a set of brand values that define the company’s strategic direction moving forward: GO AND CHANGE!


Creating great vehicles is at the center of GAC MOTOR’s work. Beyond these great vehicles, however, the company aims go further: looking to break new boundaries in technology, design, and research, and to create value and meaningful changes in customer’s lives. As the company continues to enjoy continual growth and rapid technological advances in China’s automobile industry, ever more amazing designs have become possible.

“GO AND CHANGE!” encapsulates GAC MOTOR’s ethos and strategic direction, which focuses on progress through change: namely, pursuing cutting-edge technological research and innovation which, when combined with thoughtful design, allows the company to develop truly well-crafted Chinese automobiles.

Brand Values

Four key concepts are at the center of GAC MOTOR’s new brand values: Craftmanship; Q/D/R (quality, durability, reliability)technological innovation; and connection.

GAC MOTOR works from the bottom up to create the best vehicles possible, from the cultivation of high-level talent, like the thousands of specialized workers spread across the globe; to the painstaking development and continual improvement of vehicle designs at custom built R&D centers; to the selection of premium materials that will realize those designs. To practice craftsmanship to its fullest, GAC MOTOR always aspires to transcendence of expectations and excellence in every detail; this is what creates higher quality products with lasting value, and provides a more enjoyable experience for its customers.

Quality, Durability and Reliability follows on naturally from this. Every GAC MOTOR vehicle is extensively tested, shown by more than 4 million enhanced testing kilometers driven by the company thus far. Each model is expected to maintain its quality for 240,000 kilometers and 10 years of travel.

Technological innovation is what will allow the company to compete internationally in this new phase of global expansion. Billions of yuan have been funneled into GAC R&D Centers in Detroit, Silicon Valley, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Research ranges from big data, AI, autonomous driving and new energy technology to cutting-edge design, human-machine interaction, and vehicle localization. As the company makes a strong push towards electrification, these centers have yielded highly encouraging results, such as “sponge silicon” that has drastically reduced the weight and charge times of lithium batteries.

Finally, building a connection of trust with local markets is an important part of GAC MOTOR’s new stage of brand development.

3 new teams have been dispatched to Hong Kong, Russia and the Middle East, and new showrooms have been opened around the world to build a stronger brand presence and face to face links with consumers. Trust is built first and foremost from fantastic products, but is solidified through brand visibility and high-quality service. Taking foreign markets as an example, GAC MOTOR has seen particular success in Chile, which opened 7 new locations, and Saudi Arabia, which this year reached the milestone of 10,000 units sold. These are encouraging examples of increasing global trust in the GAC MOTOR brand. Some GAC MOTOR owners from around the world have shared their stories, showing how GAC cars have become an integral and joy-giving part of their lives.

GAC MOTOR is in a position of newfound strength and sees itself today as not just a car manufacturer, but a representative of the power of Chinese craftsmanship. Rather than standing by and waiting for the future to happen, GAC MOTOR and GAC MOTOR drivers throw themselves into action, working hard to shape the future: to “GO AND CHANGE!” their reality.

Let’s go!

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