GAC MOTOR to Launch Three Blockbusters in Kuwait, Accelerating Its Expansion in the Middle East

Kuwait has a hot and dry climate and extremely high temperatures in the summers, meaning only car brands with good quality and strength can perform effectively in Kuwait. As one such brand, GAC MOTOR has provided products and services recognized by Kuwaiti consumers, and its reputation is increasing rapidly. GAC MOTOR will introduce three blockbusters, the GS5, GN6, and All New GA8, to the Kuwait market on November 17. It will offer consumers more and more diversified travel options.

Three Models in One Go, Bringing High-End Mobility Solutions

GAC MOTOR has been deeply involved with the market for six years and has established a sound sales and service system locally and enjoys an excellent brand reputation, in collaboration with Mutawa Alkazi Company, one of the largest automobile dealers in Kuwait. Despite the various extreme weather conditions in Kuwait, GAC MOTOR ensures the local people a pleasant travel experience with its stable and reliable products. Some of its models have been performing well amongst the market competition, which marked it as the trusted brand of Kuwaiti consumers, with a good reputation established by its high quality and superior operational performance.

GAC MOTOR will launch three new flagship models, including GS5(SUV), GN6(MPV), and All New GA8(luxury sedan), which further improve the product selection in the Kuwait market and provide diversified choices for different consumer groups, in response to the demand for innovation upgrading. As Kuwaiti consumers prefer SUVs, the highly awaited GS5 will trigger a new splash in the SUV market segment. In Kuwait, where MPV models are but a few, GN6 will emerge as the surprise choice for customers. With speculations on the improved values and parameters, the upgraded All New GA8 is also gaining attention from media and customers.

These three flagship models represent the flagship selection of GAC MOTOR, which are extraordinarily commendable in exterior design, power and operation performance, and technological configuration. The existing customers are paying close attention to the upcoming launching event on November 17. Media in the auto sector and potential customers are also looking forward to seeing these three new models’ configurations and pricing. What kind of visual feast will this event promise to bring on that day, and what kind of pleasant surprise awaits? It’s fair to predict that GAC MOTOR will never disappoint the customers.  

Authoritative certification opens a pathway for high - quality development

GAC MOTOR has grown further in Kuwait and expanded rapidly in the Middle East and the whole world. At present, GAC MOTOR has entered nine Middle East markets, including Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Lebanon, and successfully established its presence in 26 countries and regions.

“High-quality” has always been the key to the fast expansion and success of GAC MOTOR, and it has become a common-sense that “GAC MOTOR is the very expression of quality.” Recently, J.D. Power, one of the most authoritative market research institutions globally, released the 2020 China Initiative Quality Study (IQS). GAC MOTOR has been the China Brand Champion for eight consecutive years, and GN6, which is coming to Kuwait, also ranks second in the medium MPV market segment. Authoritative institutions recognize all its high-quality products.

In addition to outstanding quality, GAC MOTOR reflects its strong R&D capability directly in its models’ technological configuration and enables improved high-tech driving and control experience for consumers. GAC MOTOR has continuously been innovating engine products with years of R&D. The latest fourth-generation 2.0ATK engine reaches the thermal efficiency of 42.10%, representing the world’s leading level of gasoline efficiency engine products, and brings customers an exciting driving experience and environment-friendly mobility solution.  

GAC MOTOR enjoys global attention recognition and endorsements by influential institutions, media, and consumers due to a reputation for quality and technological innovation. While expanding and deeply cultivating the global market, GAC MOTOR will launch more high-quality models into various markets and provide more consumers with a pleasant mobility life.