Being Champion of J.D. Power Initial Quality Study for China brand for Eight Consecutive Years, GAC MOTOR Are Worldwide Renowned By Superior Quality

Customers always pay the most attention to quality when buying a car. Recently, J.D. Power publicized its 2020 China Initial Quality Study (IQS) report, and as the third-party survey authority, it provides the customers with reliable reference for purchasing cars. In this report, GAC MOTOR is distinguished as the China brand champion for eight straight years, with its SUV model, GS3, and MPV model, GN6 respectively ranked first and second in their segments.

As one of the most professional and authoritative institutions for consumer insight and market research, J.D. Power is well-known for its independence and objectivity. The list published every year is widely known and credited by consumers and becomes an essential reference for consumers when buying cars. The 2020 China Initial Quality Study (IQS) covers 241 models of 57 brands, identifies 218 issues of initial quality, and records 32,536 users' feedback, showcasing brand trust and reliability.

Eight consecutive years of China brand champion have proven the stable and reliable GAC MOTOR quality, as recognized by the markets and authorities.

Leading the quality in the industry with elaborative design

How did GAC MOTOR achieve eight consecutive years of "Top ranking" under such professional and strict evaluation standards of J.D. Power? GAC MOTOR has always been strictly controlling vehicle quality and reliability on all aspects and improving each model's elaborative designs. This year, GAC MOTOR has initiated the QDR project, i.e. high Quality, high Durability, and high Reliability, taking it as a comprehensive indicator for product quality and improved durability standards and quality, and consistently guarantees high quality for the customers.

Additionally, GAC MOTOR also implements high standards for internal components that consumers cannot outright see. After 12 years of development, GAC MOTOR has built a world-class supply chain system and established the industry-leading standards for vehicle parts and component quality -- all top 10 parts and component suppliers in the world are the key suppliers of GAC MOTOR. In this way, GAC MOTOR has laid a solid foundation for its products' continuous and stable high quality.

The extraordinary quality of the widely favored GS3 and GN6 model

The outstanding quality control and supply chain system equip each model with extraordinary quality. GS3 ranks first in the mini SUV segment in J.D. Power Initial Quality Research (IQS), with the product quality recognized by highly-regarded institutions. As one of the world's best-selling stars, GS3 presents customers with a high-tech and high-quality mobility solution with its lordly and fashionable appearance, high-tech interior design, and comfortable driving and control experience widely favored by consumers from all over the world.

Another star model GN6 was recognized by J.D. Power and ranks second in the list of mid-size MPVs. Combining quality and fashion, capaciousness and comfort, intelligence, and safety, GN6 is a selected choice for high-end business reception and suitable for family leisure and caters to the diversified needs of consumers. The dashing appearance, the capacious and flexible space, and the leap-forward quality of both interior and exterior ushers in a pleasant travel experience for consumers.

Good reputation help expand global market rapidly

In addition to high-quality products, GAC MOTOR also adheres to the service philosophy of "customer first." It provides the five-year or 150,000km super-long quality assurance service covering several core components. GAC spares no effort to protect car owners' rights and interests to the greatest extent and genuinely provide the worry-free experience.

Relying on its excellent products and services, GAC MOTOR has established a good reputation and has become one of the world's fastest growing car brands.

At present, GAC MOTOR has extended to 26 countries and regions worldwide, preliminarily built the sales and service networks, made essential breakthroughs in key markets such as the Middle East, and established brand awareness and reputation there. This year, GAC MOTOR has introduced several new models into several markets, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Russia, and created an online service system to meet consumers' demands during the Covid-19 pandemic, facilitating car viewing, buying, and after-sale services. As a result, despite the pandemic's continued impact, GAC MOTOR has grown against the industrial trend and demonstrated strong momentum of steady development.

GAC MOTOR plans to officially enter the Chile market in November to expand the market foothold in South America further. As GAC MOTOR is growing worldwide, more and more consumers recognize its high-quality products and services and enjoy the pleasant mobility experience brought by GAC MOTOR.