GAC MOTOR Shines at ROAD and Updates Plan to Enter Russian Market

GAC MOTOR, China's leading automaker, has announced an update to its plans to enter the Russian market in 2019, with ambitions to become one of Russia's leading automobile brands in 3-5 years. The announcement, made at the Russian Association of Auto Dealers (ROAD) annual meeting, follows GAC MOTOR's much-anticipated debut at the 2019 St. Petersburg International Motor Show. The highly-successful GS8 SUV with tailored features for Russian market will be the first vehicle to launch in the Russian market later this year, followed by the GN8 MPV and GS5 SUV.

Pic One: GAC MOTOR Makes First Appearance at ROAD

“With our high production quality and outstanding levels of customer service, we are confident we can provide Russian customers with anunparalleled driving experience and become one of Russia's leading auto brandsin the near future,” said Yu Jun, President of GAC MOTOR.

In preparation to enter the Russian market, GAC MOTOR exhibited at the inaugural St. Petersburg International Motor Show and offered a firsthand look at the models slated for release in the country. The vehicles received praise from consumers and distributors alike, as well as prominent local media including Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Avtovzglyad and kommersant.

Pic Two: Russian Dealers ShowInterest in GAC GS8 SUV

“GAC MOTOR intends to become a top brand in Russia. They are confident about the quality of the cars, and there is no reason to doubt them. The GS8 SUV, according to J.D.Power, ranked first in the large SUVsegment,’ noted Rossiyskaya Gazeta. kommersant comments that “the GS8 is impressive, and the interior is spacious. The GS5 is also a very nice crossover.”

GAC MOTOR was named the Best Brand while the GS8 was awarded the Most Popular Vehicle by the organizing committee of the Motor Show.

Amidst the positive reception, GAC MOTOR held a signing ceremony with a group of local auto dealers that will be the first to distribute the GS8 in Russia.

Pic Three: GAC MOTOR’s Brand Promotion Event Attracted Over 300 Dealers

Following the show, GAC MOTOR show cased their vehicles at ROAD, and outlined their comprehensive market entry and development plan which targets all cities with a population exceeding 1 million. The automaker held abrand promotion event that attracted over 300 dealers, more than 60 of which setup connection with GAC MOTOR for joining GAC MOTOR's Russian dealer network,and announced that the development of GAC MOTOR's Russian office is underway with plans to begin distribution in August 2019.

Russia is an integral market for GAC MOTOR's internationalization strategy. The company’s ambitions in Russia are backed by extensive market research, innovative new technologies and manufacturing capabilities, and a proven track record of internationalization.

With the launch of its world-leading new energy and smart manufacturing factory, GAC MOTOR will deliver unmatched levels of innovationand high-quality production to the Russian automobile industry.

GAC MOTOR will draw on its expertise in developing new markets,which has been proven by its successful expansion into 16 countries, to support its Russian market entry strategy. Adopting a highly localized approach, the company has already commenced local talent recruitment, and will continue to conduct extensive research into market trends. GAC MOTOR also plans to work closely in an open partnership with local dealers to expand their network and accelerate penetration into the Russian market.