In-Depth Communication on Talents Training to Promote the Process of GAC MOTOR’s Globalization 

On August 3, Miles Young, Warden of New College, University of Oxford, and former global chairman and CEO of Ogilvy Group visited GAC MOTOR’s Second Vehicle Manufacturing Division Assembly Plant in Guangzhou factory, and conducted in-depth communication on the talent training mechanism with Yu Jun and Li Canhui, President and Vice President of GAC MOTOR. This visit shows GAC MOTOR has attached great importance to talents training, which will be of great help in building a world-class brand, and provide a solid foundation for the globalization of GAC MOTOR.

President Yu Jun said, GAC MOTOR is aiming at building a world-class brand and a global company. With further development of overseas market and the increasing demand for international talents, GAC MOTOR hopes to cooperate with New College of University of Oxford, to send senior management and technical talents abroad for further training. Young praised GAC MOTOR's emphasis on talents training and warmly welcomed such exchanges with University of Oxford. 

Young has been to the Second Vehicle Manufacturing Division Assembly Plant in Guangzhou factory accompanied by Li Canhui, Vice President of GAC MOTOR. During the visit he showed great interest in the process of intelligent and information-based automatic production line, and the new energy electric vehicle strategy of GAC MOTOR and apprised the concept of building a world-class high-efficient, good-quality and energy-saving smart factories.

In the exhibition area, Young admired designs of the GS8, GN8, GS4 and other popular models, said that GAC MOTOR is a representative of China automobile brand with the strong capability of high-quality manufacturing and expressed strong confidence in GAC MOTOR to achieve the goal of building a world-class brand and a global company.

In May 2017, GAC MOTOR successfully held the Overseas Talent Recruitment Association in Silicon Valley, Detroit, and Boston, to recruit high-end talents from around the world. In June this year, GAC MOTOR also held its first European talent recruitment event in Stuttgart, Germany, Munich and Paris, successfully attracting more than 700 applicants from Europe, of which more than 80% have master's degrees, many of whom are each The field's own experts.


Apart from recruiting highly skilled overseas talents, GAC MOTOR plans to strengthen contacts with well-known overseas universities in the future, launch spring campus recruitment fairs, set up scholarships, and conduct in-depth cooperation on some scientific research projects to attract more international top professionals.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, development is the priority, talent is the premier resource and innovation is the greatest driving force. In the future, GAC MOTOR will strengthen talents training, further introduce overseas talents, improve the management and core competitiveness, and lay a solid foundation for its rapid development of globalization.