GS5 wins the trust of Middle East consumers with a reputation built upon its strength

Jan 27, 2021

In selecting the 2020 "SUV of the Year" for the Middle East, the star SUV model GS5 produced by GAC MOTOR is undoubtedly one of the best choices. In 2020, a new generation of GS5 officially entered Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and other Middle East countries. Upon its launch, GS5 attracted widespread attention from the mainstream media in the Middle East with its stunning aesthetics and multiple features. Through excellent product quality and providing value beyond expectations, GS5 has greatly met the needs of consumers in the Middle East for mobile travel, attaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

Create a new driving experience with accurate insights into travel needs

Nowadays, a car is not only a means of transportation, especially for an SUV. Besides considering business and leisure needs, it must highlight the personality and taste of the owner. Therefore, aesthetics has increasingly become people’s focus when selecting cars. The front grille of GS5 adopts GAC MOTOR’s unique “Flying Dynamics Grille 3.0” design concept, giving a strong visual impact together with its dazzling matrix LED headlights. The strong lines of its body contour display a steady and high-spirited attitude, complementing the owner's temperament and taste.

GS5 has attracted much attention in the Middle East with both its aesthetic design and high quality. Right from the start of R&D, GAC MOTOR has been placing stringent controls over the quality and performance of the vehicles. The vehicles must pass CAE verification, system tests, vehicle tests, as well as going through seven types of road conditions such as "extreme heat, high humidity, low temperature, ice, and snow". This ensures that the products can better adapt to the driving environment in the Middle East.

GS5 model

The climate in the Middle East is hot and dry throughout the year, with frequent sandstorms and complex driving environments. This results in consumers placing high expectations on heat resistance, dust-proof capabilities, and the safety performance of cars. GS5 adopts the new dual-zone air conditioner developed by DENSO, a world-class air conditioning system supplier. It provides a fast cooling, low noise, and comfortable air outlet experience. The driver and passengers can adjust the temperature according to their own needs. GS5 also has multiple safety features, integrating ESP electronic stability system, HBA emergency brake system, as well as HHC and HDC systems for uphill and downhill movement, respectively. These safety systems provide full coverage from prevention to protection.

It is inevitable to come across diverse terrains such as deserts and mountains while on the road. GS5 can handle different road conditions with its powerful and superior features. Equipped with the third generation of GAC MOTOR 270T engine and Ericsson 6AT manual automatic transmission, it delivers a good user experience with fast throttle response, rapid steering response, and smooth gear shifting. In addition, the high-performance Macpherson gear suspension in front combined with the multi-link independent suspension system at the rear, gives the body strong stability and adaptability to navigate uneven road conditions smoothly.

GS5 chassis system

As for the interior space, with 4695mm body length and 2710mm wheelbase, GS5 provides ample room for back-seat passengers and flexible large storage space, meeting the needs of car users who pursue comfort and space.

Sales and reputation go hand in hand to enhance competitiveness as an international brand

Quality and reputation are the "twin engines" of a brand. In the past year, GS5 has won many awards in the Middle East market, such as "SUV Professional Recommendation" Award from Arabs Turbo and "Best Car of the Year" Award from Al Aiyady. This shows that GS5 is not only popular in design and performance, but also excellent in professional evaluation, recognized by both the media and the industry.

Arabs Turbo presents "SUV Professional Recommendation" Award to GS5

Al Aiyady presents GS5 with "Best Car of the Year" Award

In addition, because of its strategic planning and reputation, GAC MOTOR has achieved year-on-year growth of 140% in the Middle East market in 2020, reflecting the resilience and strength of steady development. These achievements are extremely valuable considering the overall downward trend of the automotive market in 2020.

Presently, GS5 is popular in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, and other Middle East countries. In the future, GAC MOTOR will continue to introduce new models, providing more choices for local consumers, and continue to create high-quality, high-tech mobile travel.

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