Dec 30, 2020

Recently, GAC MOTOR received back-to-back awards from two prominent media bodies in the Middle East --- Professional Automotive Vertical Media Arabs Turbo and the Fashionable Lifestyle Media Al Qiyady conferred the “Most Recommended SUV” and “Best Model Of The Year” awards respectively. With such strong affirmation of its brand, GAC MOTOR has experienced boosts in both its sales figures and reputation in the Middle Eastern market.

Affirmation from Professional Automotive and Leading Lifestyle Media Bodies in the Middle East

Having invested strategically in the Middle Eastern market over the years, GAC MOTOR has built up a strong brand reputation through products of high-quality and technology. This has resulted in a standout performance in extremely competitive automobile industry. GAC MOTOR has received accolades from authoritative media in the Middle East, one of which is the most influential professional automotive bodies – Arabs Turbo.

As the trusted source of information for consumers, Arabs Turbo’s website provides a wealth of information and professional analytical reports. Recently, they conducted comprehensive research on the popular SUV models in the Middle East market. This included a month of extensive test-driving, deep analysis of sales figures, objective collection of customer feedback, and understanding of brand impact, among other factors. All of this culminated in the awarding of the “Most Recommended SUV” to GAC MOTOR’s star SUV Model, the GS5. The award was based on strong all-round performance and gleaming results gleaned from the research.

The prestigious “Most Recommended SUV” Award, conferred by Arabs Turbo

Other than the professional automotive world, GAC MOTOR has also made inroads into the fashion circles. With its unique design and supreme driving experience, praise has also been received from the Middle Eastern Lifestyle Media --- Focused on men’s lifestyles, the leading and prominent media Al Qiyady presented the GS5 with the “Best Model of the Year” award for 2020, based on its successful fusion of form and function, appearance and technology. They believe that this car carries the distinctive flavor of the successful career man.

The fashionable “Best Model of the Year” Award, conferred by Al Qiyady

The GS5 was officially launched in June 2020, into various markets in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain. The early sales figures indicate a warm and strong reception in this region. With the conferring of these two prominent awards, it is evident that GAC MOTOR’s strong product showing has captured the hearts of not just the consumers, but the professional bodies as well.

GAC MOTOR’s GS5 – approved by individual car owners and professional organizations alike

Brand Reputation Fuels the Engine for Accelerated Growth in the Middle Eastern Market

GAC MOTOR’s growth in the Middle East region can be aptly described as phenomenal and gathering momentum. Lighting up the Middle Eastern markets of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain, GAC MOTOR has inevitably attracted significant media attention. In 2019, a media group from the Middle East visited the GAC Group product line in Guangzhou to get a more comprehensive look at its operations. It turned out to be a fruitful trip, as the media group left with a deep impression, as well as clearer insights and understanding of GAC Group’s all-round capabilities.

Media group from the Middle East gained from an onsite view of GAC Group’s impressive operations

Undoubtedly, the engine that is powering GAC MOTOR’s growth in the Middle East has been the favorable feedback from media, industry leaders and car owners. This year has seen the unrelenting introduction of GAC MOTOR’s blockbuster models, including the SUVs, MPVs, and sedan cars, among others, bringing a wide range of high quality choices to the consumers. The UAE and Saudi Arabia markets posted glowing growing figures, in stark disregard of the gloomy pandemic situation. They are certainly strong indicators of a bright future for GAC MOTOR’s growth in the region. Moving forward, GAC MOTOR will continue to expand strategically into global markets, bringing this enjoyable and exquisite automotive experience to customers all over the world.

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