GAC MOTOR 2020 Review: Contrarian Upswing, Promising Future

Dec 24, 2020

In 2020, GAC MOTOR expanded enthusiastically into the international automobiles market. A great variety of models with both value and strength bring many surprises to consumers around the world, accompanying the global car owners all the way to a better future. Looking back at this year, GAC MOTOR’s international business has grown steadily and sales grew against the trend, delivering eye-catching annual reports.

There are several sets of data/indicators that show the significant progress GAC MOTOR has made this year:
● Sales channels continue to be optimized through opening 30 brand-new showrooms in this year;
● Explored new channels such as online global live broadcasts, breathing life into the market with the introduction of new blockbuster models;
● Breakthroughs in 6 important markets, annual sales are expected to achieve 22% year-on-year growth, ranking at the forefront of the industry growth rate.

Along with the remarkable market performance, GAC MOTOR's brand reputation has also been further enhanced. Recently, GAC has won two awards from authoritative media in the Middle East. Its high quality and high-tech product strength has earned the praise and recognition of the industry and car owners.

Addressing the pain points of consumers, introducing new blockbuster models to ignite the market

How does GAC MOTOR keep advancing successfully in a market with such adverse and tough conditions? In the path to global development, GAC MOTOR continues to make strategic decisions based on the needs of the market and consumers. Customized products and services for them, addressing their pain points, so that GAC can stand out in the fierce competition in the automotive market.

On the one hand, GAC MOTOR partners with established and effective dealers all over the world to improve the sales and service network ; for instance, GAC builds an online service platform during the epidemic to provide consumers with warm services like remote car viewing and door to door maintenance and repair. On the other hand, GAC MOTOR makes comprehensive consumer research, introducing local adaptations to each model, to improve the product and service quality in these differentiated markets. For example, to handle the extreme cold in Russia, GAC MOTOR introduced the heating feature for its GS5’s steering wheel and increased the heating function for its windshield to achieve rapid snow melting. This can prevent snow blocking the view.

Supported by the world's top technology research and resources, GAC MOTOR continues to conduct its excellent product matrix, leading the way in the market for all kinds of models, including SUVs, MPVs, and sedan cars. It has introduced a number of new vehicles to markets, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Russia, Chile, and Nigeria. The innovative use of online global live broadcast and other new forms of new car on board, breaking space restrictions, and more users to achieve effective interaction, through multimedia all-round presentation of the new car advantages, bringing an unprecedented sense of participation and experience. In February this year, GAC introduced the New Energy Model GE3 into Israel, initiating a new generation of pure electric cars being exported to developed countries. GAC MOTOR’s high levels of technology, quality, and interactive experience are inevitably drawing much attention from all over the world, as its new car models continue to set the trend globally.

Excellent Feedback From Car Owners, Strong Affirmation From Authoritative Media

Compared to the unchecked high-speed expansion model of some companies, GAC MOTOR’s global expansion path has been more measured and practical – based on strict adherence to quality standards, strategic investments in core markets, and built on the development of a strong brand reputation. In fact, many car owners have proactively become our “ambassadors”, introducing the products to people around them to understand and choose GAC MOTOR. One of the examples is a car owner in Saudi Arabia, who experienced the joy in driving a GAC MOTOR car. He was so satisfied by the car’s amazing features and functions, so he went around telling others about it. Subsequently, many of his friends, family, and neighbors had bought GAC MOTOR cars at the end.

With many owners' positive reviews, GAC MOTOR has received a lot of attention from local media. GAC MOTOR's star model GS5 has been launched in the Middle East for only six months and has been recognized by two well-known media for its hardcore strength. Professional Automotive Vertical Media in the Middle East, Arabs Turbo, presented the GS5 with the “SUV Professional Recommendation Award”, while the leading Middle Eastern Male Fashion Media Al Qiyady, chose the GS5 as its “Best Model Of The Year”. In addition, the Philippines’, the Global Top 10 Middle Eastern Automotive Media Aria GT, as well as other authoritative media, reported on GAC MOTOR, including design innovation, feature enhancements, supply chain system, to analyze the brand’s success.

GAC MOTOR insists on consumer-oriented innovation and research, and builds high-quality products with craftsmanship, so it has been supported and recognized by car owners and the industry worldwide. With the wonderful results of 2020, GAC MOTOR will continue its path of high quality development to create an enjoyable automotive experience for customers all over the world.

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