Strongest Lineup of GAC MOTOR Appears at Guangzhou Auto Show
  On November 18, 2016, GAC Group kicked off its news conference of 14th China Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition with the theme of "Innovation to Cohesion and Brilliant Future". GAC MOTOR's all-star lineup of "luxurious flagship 7-seater SUV" (e.g., GS8, GA8/GS4/GA6/GS5 Super/GA3S 200T) shined at the auto exhibition, fully demonstrating China's highest level in car manufacturing and feasting audiences' eyes on an auto show blended with innovative technology and star models.

  EnLight Sunned Guangzhou Auto Show and GAC MOTOR's Independent Innovation Leads the Trend of Future Development of Automobiles

  As an important achievement of GAC MOTOR's independent innovation, EnLight, with its global debut at Guangzhou Auto Show, is an intelligent network connection and pure electric concept SUV with guiding significance. With the most advanced forward-looking technologies, most innovative and fashionable design language and most user-friendly emotional care, EnLight has fully showed GAC MOTOR's independent R&D strength and technical reserve, providing strong confidence and support for GAC MOTOR's high-end development.

(GAC MOTOR's EnLight made a global debut)

  After ten years of development, GAC MOTOR has established a GAC global R & D network with GAC Automotive Engineering Institute as the core and GAC MOTOR Technical Center, global excellent suppliers and R&D institutions as the support. Meanwhile, its cross-platform modular architecture (CPMA) can develop and produce different models on the same platform. In addition, GAC MOTOR boasts abundant technology accumulation in such professional fields as intelligent drive, mobile internet and new energy power. 

  Insisting on Brand Improvement, GAC MOTOR Embraces a New Phase in High-end Process

  Under the limelight of Pazhou International Exhibition Centre, GS8, GS4 of 2017 edition, GA8 ("car for middle-class elite") and star models including GA6/GS5 Super/GA3S 200T shined at GAC MOTOR's main booth, reflecting GAC MOTOR's independent innovation strength and high-end manufacturing level and symbolizing its brand-new phase of high-end process.

("Luxurious flagship 7-seater SUV" GS8)

  As GAC MOTOR's latest high-end product in the market, GS8, integrated with "tough and aggressive appearance, large 7-seater room, new vision and smart interconnection, and dauntless driving and control on all terrains", provides users with much higher product value by offering the world's typical product design and innovative luxury and intelligent equipment, as well as powerful driving force and control ability. It's learned that GS8, since its first public appearance at G20 Hangzhou Summit on October 26, has gained popularity than expected in the market. As of the eve of Guangzhou Auto Show, GAC MOTOR has received 16,000 orders of GS8, creating a new record of high-end products of Chinese brands and having the strength to redefine market layout with J&V brands preliminarily.

(GS4 of 2017 version)

  Meanwhile, it was the first show of GS4 of 2017 version since it was available in the market. After upgrading of 15 performances and configurations, the new GS4 is equipped with high-efficient and energy-saving 7-speed G-DCT or two kinds of new generation of smooth and comfortable 6AT Aisin transmissions; the added i-4WD structure features three modes including 2WD mode, intelligent 4WD mode and compulsive 4WD mode; the integrated Baidu CarLife smartphone interconnection system provides convenient operation and control, more fun in technology and more comfort in driving, greatly improving the competitiveness of GS4 200T/235T "Super Union" in the market.

(Yu Jun, deputy director of Executive Committee of GAC Group and general manager of GAC MOTOR, accepted a media interview)

  While being interviewed, Yu Jun, deputy director of Executive Committee of GAC Group and general manager of GAC MOTOR, said GS8 was the first Chinese model with the strength to directly compete against J&V brands and GAC MOTOR had the belief to build GS8 into a star product with annual sales of over 100,000. In this way, a resulting force, composed of GS8 and GS4 with annual sales exceeding 300,000, will promote GAC MOTOR to realize faster growth.

  With Innovation leading to Cohesion, GAC MOTOR constantly Cultivate a World-class Chinese Brand

  GAC MOTOR registered astonishing progress in brand, sales and capacity this year, laying a solid foundation for building a world-class Chinese brand. According to J.D.Power IQS report, GAC MOTOR has topped the ranking list for four consecutive years among Chinese brands. In 2016, GAC MOTOR ranked top five in the whole industry, registering historic breakthroughs of Chinese brands. From January to October this year, GAC MOTOR sold 296,000 cars, a year-on year increase of 126%, completing the business plan formulated last year ahead of schedule. GAC MOTOR ranks top among Chinese automobile brands in development speed and profitability. This year, GAC MOTOR is expected to realize sales of over 360,000. And it has achieved quality and high-speed growth, with a compound average growth rate of over 80%.

  In the coming 5 years, GAC MOTOR plans to launch 20-30 models, and 9 models including four brand-new models (i.e., GS7, GS3, GA4 and GM8), three new energy vehicles (e.g., GS4 PHEV) and two updated models will be marketed in an intensive manner next year. With successive release of new products, GAC MOTOR will embrace a new round of rapid growth. In the following year, GAC MOTOR is aimed at selling 500,000 cars, endeavoring to achieve the sales volume of 1 million in 2020.

  "With 8 years of development, GAC MOTOR has formed core competition advantages integrated with GAC Global R&D Network, GAC Production System (GPS) and global supply chain system, providing strong support for high-speed and quality development. For some time to come, GAC Group, under the unified arrangement of "13th Five-year Plan", will further improve innovation power, system force and product strength to build GAC MOTOR into a world-class Chinese brand and make it become the most important section of GAC Group, thus making contributions to the development of Chinese automobile business! ", said General Manager Yu Jun.

  With the global debut of EnLight, GAC Group has taken multiple brand upgrading measures, continues to strengthen its major sectors and achieves cohesiveness to make breakthroughs, in an effort to comprehensively enhance core competitiveness of "Greater GAC MOTOR". According to the strategy of "developing self-owned brand by going all out", GAC MOTOR has formed an initial scale in new brand development pattern and will usher in a new round of leapfrog development.