On the morning of November 18, GAC Group participated in Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition and held a news conference at No.2.2 GAC MOTOR Hall of Pazhou Exhibition Center, in addition to having its EnLight, an intelligent connection and electric concept car, made a global debut. With "Innovation to Cohesion and Brilliant Future" as the theme, GAC Group together with its investment enterprises such as GAC MOTOR, GAC Honda, GAC Toyota, GAC FIAT, GAC Mitsubishi and WUYANG-HONDA displayed nearly 70 cars in the same hall with a comprehensive area of over 10,000m2, making their public appearance with the most powerful lineup in Guangzhou auto show history.

  2016 is the outset of the "13th Five Year Plan" and also the year when GAC Group innovates for cohesion and continues to forge ahead. For GAC Group, the auto show is of great significance because it has opened a new journey for future. At the auto show, GAC Group will share with all audiences its most advanced forward-looking technologies, the most innovative and fashionable products and the best user-friendly service experience.

  Global Debut of EnLight Follows the Trend of Intelligent Network of New Energy

  EnLight, launched in the auto show for the first time, is a concept car with guiding significance developed by GAC Automotive Engineering Institute independently. The car, realizing four-wheel independent driving through a hub motor, boasts unmanned mode and manual mode, and can provide the comfort of smart travel and the passion of sports car. To meet diverse needs of users in the Internet area, EnLight also features mobile intelligent interconnection terminals, offering new experience of intelligent interconnection of users, car and life in a comprehensive manner. With seamless integration of the development trend of electrification, intelligence and network connection of future cars, EnLight boats cool appearance and comfortable and wide space, changing rigid mechanical sensitivity of traditional SUV and creating pleasant and comfortable intelligent driving experience. In addition, EnLight has adopted "emotional" design philosophy and its delicate design in interior "ecosystem box" cannot only adjust and monitor air quality in the car, but also add human and natural appeal by serving as an interior landscape, indicating a development direction of warm user-friendly technologies in the future. EnLight fully demonstrates GAC Group's new technologies and achievements in independent innovation, intelligent network connection and new energy.

  Upgraded Brand Creates Higher Value for Customers

  During the "13th Five-year Plan" period, GAC Group will continue strengthening brand building and improving brand strength and soft power of the enterprise. On November 2, GAC MOTOR launched "Born in Leading Action of Three-river Source National Park" with WWF and the Administrative Office of Three-rive Source National Park and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with them, which is the first case that an enterprise participated in construction of China's national park. GA8, GS8 and GS4 which constantly sells well all make their appearance in the auto show.

  In April 2017, GAC Group will unveil its brand strategy planning and the "brand upgrading year" is about to start. Under the promotion of several brand upgrading measures, GAC Group will continually beef up its major sectors and make breakthroughs through cohesion, thus comprehensively improving core competitiveness and embracing the peak of brand development. At the end of the "13th Five-Year Plan", GAC Group will strive to become a famous brand in Chinese auto industry and build an international automobile group brand image with global influence and high sense of social responsibility.

  Forging ahead, GAC Group will realize constant development

  This year is the beginning of the "13th Five-year Plan", GAC Group, under the guidance of "1513" strategy, will make its business sectors achieve coordinated development by adhering to the principle of "internal collaborative innovation, external opening and cooperation". From January to October, GAC Group produced 1,307,600 cars and sold 1,307,100 cars, a year-on-year increase of 31.53% and 32.56% respectively. GAC Group recorded high growth of production and sales of the same period previously, 18 percentage points higher than average level of the industry, realizing a good start of the "13th Five-year Plan". GAC Group ranked top 500 for four years in a row according to the Fortune and was in the 303th place this year, up 59 rankings compared with last year.

  GAC Group will keep going and realize innovative development, and actively implement the "13th Five-Year Plan" by focusing on the main line of "one center, two insistences and three transformations". Among them, "one center" means promoting healthy, sustainable and rapid development of the group by centering on quality and efficiency, thus doubling main economic indicators at the end of the "13th Five-Year Plan" period. "Two insistences" indicate insistence on joint venture and cooperation and independent innovation, constantly deepening of joint venture and cooperation as well as acceleration and promotion of mid-and long-term strategy of business cooperation; focus non independent innovation and development of self-developed brand and constant enhancement of the enterprise's core competitiveness. "Three transformations" refer to the transformation from manufacturing to creation, transformation from speed to quality and transformation from product to brand, providing consumers with first-class product and satisfying service.

  In the future, GAC Group, in the tide of China's auto industry transformation and upgrading, will take brand upgrading as a golden opportunity to pursue the craftsman spirit of seeking increasing perfection and strengthen innovation driving development. Meanwhile, GAC Group will continually elevate its core competitiveness by centering on "one center, two insistences and three transformations", realizing innovation value for users and creating a beautiful mobile life.